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We enjoy a decent visual content. And who doesn‘t, right? Your beautifully designed logo, pictures, adverts – everything should be synergethic and uniquely you. Our team will portray your whole brand or bring your long-brainstormed project to life.

Have you ever noticed enormous power that hold words? To convey, to convince, to believe, to trust – we will help your brand to speak up loudly and clearly, no matter whether web content or a simple Facebook post is required. Creative, strong, persuasive copywriting and social marketing campaigns nowadays are the key ingredient to any business. We will help to create a customer-driven statement that communicates exactly what you offer.

We strive to tell your a complexity driven story in a funny, easy and emotional narrative. We bring you quality videos that are pleasant to behold and to remember.


We are cats that thrive playing with a thread ball full of unique and efficient digital content. We are also a creative advertising agency, helping brands to develop smart, unique and easily beloved identity. If you need creatively driven, original and unique advertising solutions, let's shake our paws – we'll be honored to help.